Monday, 17 January 2011


Hi, I'm Alex.
I'm also known in real life and around the internet as AJ, Galactic Teabag and Sesquepadalia.
24 years old, I'm a Book freak, bit of a geek, Feminist and aspiring author.
Currently at large in the North of England with my SO and the dream of a cat.

This blog: is going to (hopefully) encompass a year of my life, detailing, month by month, what I'm reading, what I'm reading again, and whether or not I think it's any good.
It's going to be confined to my personal reading - I also do the occasional review up at Sabotage, and I'll leave the stuff I read for that out of this list - but prose, poetry, fiction, non-fiction, if I read it, it's going up on here, and I'm giving it a paragraph or so of review.

This is an experiment, so please bear with me. Any comments and feedback, or discussions of what I'm reading would be appreciated.

And with that, roll on the New Year...

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